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“These are exquisitely composed poems from a gifted poet who senses the dark urgency of our time and lives deeply with the question of what she can say that will last. Merrow’s ambitious work is exactly what Jane Kenyon says poetry strives to do: to tell the truth in such a beautiful way you cannot live without it. Everyone A Bell is a book of vivid and bold acts of witness.”
—Kendra Kopelke, editor of Passager


Everyone A Bell earns its title. It’s a literal literary tintinnabulation; every poem rings, chimes, peals and tolls the beautifully nuanced tones of this collection.”
—Nancy Mitchell, author of The Out of Body Shop


“Merrow’s measured lines carry us until the soul becomes conscious of itself. Her method . . . is borrowed from the wind in the trees and other singing things. ‘Would / our last words have been kinder / if we’d stayed on that mountain / where every living thing does / only what it must to survive?”
—Michael Simms, founder, Vox Populi and Autumn House Press


“It’s a fine collection . . . with at least a dozen poems anyone on the planet would have wished to write . . . There was the poem that unsteadied me. And the poem I was crazy about. And the poem where I said, my god, I love this woman!”
—Barrett Warner, editor of Free State Review, and author of Why Is It So Hard to Kill You?

“There are no wasted words here, and each poem’s conclusion feels like watching an Olympic athlete execute a perfect dive.”

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“Everyone A Bell questions what happens when you abandon the things you are ‘supposed’ to do and the beauty that arises when you embrace the uncertainty of existence.”  

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Collection, soft cover, 78 pages


Unpacking the China

2015-16 QuillsEdge Press Contest Winner


Unpacking the China cover image

Chapbook, soft cover, 44 pages

“Unpacking the China immediately caught my eye for its distinct voice. I put it aside because I didn’t want to be influenced by the dazzling line arrangement of the first poem. But the more I read, the more this one stood out. I read it several times, eventually just for pleasure, and to learn from the author’s brilliant word choices, her confidence, her spare and elegant use of language . . .”
—Mary Ann McFadden, 2015-16 QuillsEdge Press Contest Judge


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